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To the moon, Fisher!

Fisher Space PenIn my last blog entry, Pen Junkie, I asked, “What’s cooler than that??” of the Uni-Ball Signo Bit 0.18 pen.  A pen that can write legibly on a grain of rice is going to be mighty hard to top, but I think I’ve found a contender in the Fisher Space Pen. My friend, Pax, visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas a few months ago and brought one of these pens home for me.  Good man.  He knows my penchant to all things stationery.

The cartridge of the Space Pen is pressurized with nitrogen, which means it doesn’t rely on gravity to make it work. It is dependable in freezing cold and desert heat, and it can write underwater and upside down.  Just as I don’t have a need for writing on a grain of rice with the Signo Bit, I’m not sure I have an actual need for writing underwater.  I also somehow doubt I’ll be visiting the Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica (-129 degrees F on July 21, 1983) or El Azizia, Libya (136 degrees F on Sept 13, 1922).  But I do live in Florida, which feels like Africa hot to me since I was raised in Germany.