January 2009 archive

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Uni-ball Super Ink Robot!

OK…so the name could be a little more “super hero-ish”, but how awesome would this be?  A freakin’ ROBOT from Uni-ball!  This is a marriage made in heaven for all us pen nerds who also love a good action figure.  Check out this post from OfficeSupplyGeek.  He’s making it his personal duty to start up a petition to try and get this hero of the pen world made.  Be sure to head over there and vote.  And while you’re at it, be sure to comment as well.  Who knows?  The more interest we show, the better our chances will be of actually putting our grubby little hands on this treasure.  I so want one!

Check out this ad and tell me this isn’t the sweetest thing ever.

Crazy Pens

Yellow BeakEveryone has a crazy pen of some sort sitting around their house, don’t they? For those of you who don’t, you’re missing out on one of life’s little pleasures.  Come on.  How can you have a bad day if you’re writing with a yellow beaked, blue and purple haired, springy bodied bird?  At least I think that’s a bird in the picture.  There is just no way you can keep a straight face if you pull this craziness out to write with.  It immediately makes you smile.  I’ve been known to bring these things into meetings with me just to see how people will react.  OK…my team members are already used to my antics so there’s not much of a reaction there.  But when I head over to our Headquarters location, those people haven’t seen all my crap yet so for them it’s a surprise.  What fun!

Cuteness and craziness aside, I thought I’d try them out with a review in mind.  To be honest, when I do write with one of these it’s usually just to have some fun or to make some quick notes.  So I’ve never really given much thought to how well or poor they perform.  So without further ado, here are my findings on the first five pens that I grabbed out of my “junk” pen bag.

Goofy Pens